About the RVO Network

The value of scalability...

Refugee Volunteer Organization (RVO) exists to make it easy for community members to help and get to know refugees in your city in whatever way possible. The RVO network will help you get set up with a website like this and get you on your way to making a one-stop destination to share, learn and network. We have chosen website design platforms like Squarespace & Weebly because they are easy to set up without design knowledge. As part of the RVO network, we can help you get a domain name and website up and running quickly along with email addresses and professionally-designed marketing/logo materials.

Understanding our site setup...

Through this website and our corresponding social media channels (Facebook Portland group, Instagram) we aim to offer locally-available, updated posts to legal information on a wide variety of services aimed at helping both refugees & immigrants (check our General Resources or Organization page).

RVO is constantly doing outreach in the community by attending events (see some Past Events here) and sending out regular reminders to all services who have subscribed asking for their most current needs (check our Volunteer Opportunities page), events and requests. Sometimes that is covered in our news section, or simply updated on the website in the appropriate place. These areas also continually refresh the information we are given on any policies, programs and services that are important for the refugee community to be aware of.

We also hope to be an information source about the variety of peoples who arrive in our cities and the reasons behind the forced migration they are going through. This is most evident in our Country Information page found under the "I'm Looking For..." tab. Finally, we love sharing what we find about local uplifting projects and people that benefit the refugee community. Those finds are listed under the Community tab, Projects and Activism or Organization Profiles.

Meet the RVO Portland Team

(The RVO Portland team is also responsible for oversight of the entire RVO network.)


Tricia Zigrang

Founder & PRESIDENT of the board | tricia@refvol.org

Tricia has lived in Portland for several decades and has enjoyed having many refugee families stay with her over the years. She saw firsthand how hard it was to find the resources needed to help her new refugee friends find the things they needed to better integrate and adapt to a new life and culture. A psychologist by training, Tricia is outgoing and loves to meet new people.


Ramin Tokhi

COmmunity engagement specialist | Ramin@refvol.org

Ramin Tokhi is an Afghan born, Russia raised, American citizen who came to the US as a refugee in 2012. Ramin coaches ESL teachers how to facilitate English and life skills classes to the speakers of other languages. As a linguist, he enjoys learning different languages. Ramin hopes to bring his unique experiences to shape the future of America by making it more inclusive and equitable.

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Patrik McDade

Administrative consultant | patrik@refvol.org

Patrik is the founder & program director of People-Places-Things. They provide intercultural communication services to more than 1000 refugees and immigrants every year throughout Greater Portland, by teaching dominant culture folks how to respectfully support and accompany newcomers.


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