Developing Online Communities to Support Volunteers Working with Refugees

Our ultimate goal at RVO is to facilitate the integration of refugees into our culture. We are doing this by empowering the volunteers who will be helping in this process. We are providing an online presence that will make it easier for volunteers to connect with volunteer opportunities, find available resources, be current on refugee related events and get advice and direction from seasoned volunteers.

Our online presence creates a community of both organizations and volunteers who will be able to connect through this website. RVO is not associated with any one organization. Instead it seeks to integrate information from all organizations.

In the next decades, we will be experiencing a massive onslaught of refugees driven by climate change. One recent study done at Cornell University predicts as many as 1.4 billion refugees by 2060 in a worst case scenario. RVO emerged out of a desire to integrate the refugee resettlement community so as to provide a more organized response to the unprecedented number of refugees who will need to be helped in the future.

Oregon is the first RVO online community. Additional online communities will be added where there is interest.

This community was started at the end of 2017. New resources are continually being added. Please contact us, if you are aware of a resource that we don't have listed.




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What We Cover


Making sense of the maze of who does what and for whom isn't an easy task. We aim to take out the complications by listing organizations that work with refugees based on government-funded, local community or faith-based, national or international, etc.


Find out what is happening in your community each week, as well as planned events focusing on various aspects of life and culture familiar to refugees. We aim to cover past events as well by providing photos and basic info.


Frequently Asked Question, housing, employment, benefits, education, medical, transportation, financial, legal, social, family, places of worship, interpreters, emergency food, ethnic groups, clothing, free assistance...


Be inspired by volunteer stories and find out how you can start making some of your own. We also post job opportunities with refugee-focused programs.


Most of the refugees we find in our community come from the following countries: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Ukraine. Get informed about these people, places and challenges here. 


Our wonderful community is full of resources, but they aren't useful if we can't find them. We help by providing a list of resources in multiple categories.


We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.
— Thich Nhat Hanh


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We are here to help. Got questions about refugee resettlement, or volunteer opportunities you are looking for? Want to expand what you see here to your city? Just drop us a note below.

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