Info Session. Career Coaching for Professional Immigrants and Refugees

Come to our information session to learn more about the Professional Immigrant (PICP) Career Program at SE Works.

About this Event

SE Works is a non-profit organization that offers free help for low-income community members with barriers to employment. One of the programs offered at SE Works is the Professional Immigrant Program (PICP). The PICP programs offers intensive career planning and coaching for folks that have a professional education or professional work experience. Participants must meet some eligibility guidelines :

  • Live within the Portland City limits

  • Be legal to work in the U. S.

  • Be considered low-income

  • Have a professional degree or professional work experience.

We've all heard of stories of the person that was a surgeon in their home country and now they drive for Uber in America. Or the person that has a Master's Degree in International Law but they can't get an entry level job here. Whether you worked in an office for a couple of years or you have a Bachelor's Degree, PICP can help. The PICP program helps participants navigate the U.S. job market by building on basic skills, interpreting licensing and certification laws, and by improving overall confidence. We create a tailored step by step plan to achieve living-wage employment. Your Career Coach will stick with you throughout the entire process and up to a year after you've landed the job you've been working towards. 

PICP may be able to provide financial support for some barriers like transportation costs, costs for school, and even child care. 

If you're interested please attend our free information session. You may also call or email to make an appointment to speak with a coach.

Anthony De Los Reyes

PICP Career Coach



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