LGBTQ+ Experiences in Refugee and Immigrant Communities

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and gender diverse immigrant & refugee individuals in most parts of the world are facing harassment, violence, discrimination, marginalization, and even death. Many LBGTQ+ refugee & immigrant individuals' lives in the United States are also impacted by structural racism, discrimination, poverty and other community violence. Despite the environmental and systematic adversity, LBGTQ+ refugee & immigrant individuals continue to face, there are stories of hope, success, and advocacy. While we celebrate their resiliency, we also recognize that these communities are paying a high price; their overall health is at risk and their safety is compromised on an ongoing basis. We need a call to action for protection, assistance, appropriate services, and ongoing support for LBGTQ+ refugee & immigrant individuals and families as they arrive in the United States for resettlement.

Please join us as we explore the intersections between LGBTQ+, refugee, and immigrant communities. We will screen two short videos that highlight the diverse experiences of refugee and immigrant LGBTQ+ individuals. The screenings will be followed by a panel discussion that includes 5 community members and professionals who will talk about their own personal stories and professional experiences.

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