ICE Reminder

A reminder to everyone that we are together, accompanying each other in our work for immigrant justice. As we hear news of ICE activity ramping up this weekend (though it has not been reported that Oregon is a target), let's come together and be informed. Here is how you can prepare: 

- When there are flashpoints, IMIrJ will respond and activate our network following the lead of impacted communities. We will show up and we will ask you to show up with us. Help us coordinate better by filling out our Congregational Accompaniment form:

-Get familiar TODAY with Know Your Rights (KYR) information whether you are an ally or someone that might be at risk for deportation. Find KYR resources at

- We will send out a resource for people to share at their services this week through our listserv. If you are not on it, join our mailing list:

We will walk together in this work and we show up for each other when we need it.