Website Tutorials

Adding Calendar Entries

  1. Log in to your editor account

  2. Go to “Pages” in the navigation section

  3. Scroll down to the “NOT LINKED” section

  4. Click on “Events” and a list of Upcoming Events should appear

  5. Click on the “+” next to the EVENTS and gear icon

  6. Enter the event title

  7. Below the title choose the right date for the event

  8. Enter the starting time

  9. Enter the end time (the date will stay the same)

  10. In the description field you can enter info received through the event email, a Facebook event posting, etc.

  11. Move to the Options tab

  12. Click on “add an image” and choose an image that can be downloaded from their Facebook event page or another online source (the org logo, for example, or a screen shot of a digital flyer, etc.)

  13. Move to the Location tab

  14. Enter the event address

  15. Click “Save and Publish”

Where to Check for New Events

RVO becomes aware of new events to share with the community via several different avenues:

  1. through Facebook posts that we come across

  2. through responses to our MailChimp newsletter that we send out to local refugee-related organizations that want to let us know of upcoming events that we then share with others

  3. through word of mouth, a WhatsApp group, etc.

  4. through signing up to email lists from local groups like Catholic Charities, IRCO, Lutheran Community Services, Muslim Education Trust, Refugee Center Online

We recommend checking every week with the following local groups to see when & if they have upcoming events that qualify for mentioning on our calendar:

  • African Youth and Community Organization: Facebook

  • Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon: Facebook

  • Butterfly Boxes: Facebook

  • CAIRO - Center for African Immigrants and Refugees Organization: Facebook

  • Catholic Charities of Oregon: Facebook

  • Ecumenical Ministry of Oregon: Facebook

  • Hope for Health PDX: Facebook

  • IRCO: Facebook

  • Islamic Social Services of Oregon State: Facebook

  • Lutheran Community Services of the Northwest: Facebook

  • MultCo Global: Facebook

  • Muslim Educational Trust: Facebook

  • PDX Friends of Refugees: web (no frequent updates)

  • People Places Things: Facebook group

  • Portland Meet Portland: Facebook

  • Portland Refugee Support Group: Facebook

  • Refugee Care Collective: web (no frequent updates)

  • Refugee Center Online: Facebook

  • RIHO (Refugee & Immigrant Hospitality Organization): Facebook

  • RISE (Refugee & Immigrant Services and Empowerment): Facebook

  • Russian Oregon Social Services: Facebook

  • Unite Oregon: Facebook

  • World Oregon: Facebook

Adding Past Events

video tutorial

step by step instructions

  1. Log in to your editor account

  2. From the "pages" tab, go to the "not linked" section

  3. You will find a folder called "past events" that has a lot of pages subdivided under it

  4. Scroll down and click on "add page" in that section

  5. Choose "gallery" and add a title based on "year month title" method of titling

  6. Drag the photos from the place where you have them stored over to the section that says "add photos"

  7. next, click on the gear icon for settings in the area above the photos where the title is listed

  8. add something to the description

  9. copy and past the "URL slug" somewhere where you can retrieve it later

  10. click save

  11. proofread the post for accuracy, spelling, and photos

  12. click on "pages" to go back

  13. now click on "past events" in the upper section

  14. hover the mouse over "2018 Events"

  15. click "edit" and you'll see the "+" appear, click on the "+"

  16. click on the image icon and drag it above the most recent event until a horizontal bar appears all the way across the white space

  17. where it says "image", with "content" and "design", click on "design"

  18. choose "collage", click "apply"

  19. click "edit", then click on "add an image"

  20. choose one of the photos you uploaded, but ensure the blue box doesn't cut off any faces, click "apply"

  21. where it says "write here" on the blue box, put in the title

  22. with the smaller text include the dates and location as is done on previous entries, then add "click here to see photos" like the others show. Highlight those words then click the chain link icon to hyperlink it.

  23. Where "http" appears, paste the URL slug you copied in step 9

  24. before that URL slug, add ""

  25. click "save"

Editing a Page

  1. Hold your mouse over the area you want to edit

  2. a box should appear that says Volunteer Opportunites EDIT | BANNER | SETTINGS

  3. click on EDIT and the area should turn grey

  4. a box shows up that says SAVE CANCEL and a + on the far right

  5. click on the + (which means add something new)

  6. under BASIC drag the "a" text block down to where you want it (above that first line maybe)

  7. a black line will appear above the greyed out line. release your mouse.

  8. it says "write here"

  9. write your text or copy and paste

  10. you will want to change the type of POSTED: DATE to be Header 3

  11. in order to differentiate it from the other text, you may need to put in a hard break with your enter button

  12. if you do a shift + enter that puts less of a paragraph break, but more like a line break (good for when you want something on the next line, but not 2 spaces down)

  13. to add an image, go back to the + and click image

  14. drag it into the text box and put it on the lefthand side

  15. it will be bigger than you want, but that's ok - just add the image (I usually go to their Facebook page and grab their logo)

  16. I don't usually want any text below the image, so I choose "Design" then where it says "caption below" I change it to "Do Not Display Caption"

  17. insert that and resize by dragging the image block so it looks like the others

  18. if you need to delete the block, a trash can will appear when you hold your mouse over that area you are editing